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Strengthening the links between the ICM and Oncodefi

This month, the ICM and Oncodefi renewed their wish to work together. Following many years of collaboration, an agreement has been signed to reinforce their mutual commitment to improving the care of people with intellectual disabilities suffering from cancer and to research.

Help the association Oncodéfi

All donations are important, big or small, and will improve the treatment of cancer in people with intellectual disabilities.

Journées nationales Oncodéfi

21-22 Octobre 2021 à Montpellier

Organisées par l’association Oncodéfi, en lien avec le Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer ICM Val d’Aurelle de Montpellier. Elles font suite au grand intérêt porté aux cancers chez les personnes déficientes intellectuelles lors du dernier symposium international en 2018.