Cancer and intellectual disability

A meeting of two medical fields that were previously quite distinct.


It brings together doctors specialised in intellectual disability and cancer, nurses, professionals from the medico-social sector and families.


Oncodefi has created a screening booklet as well as a booklet explaining the cancer care pathway in cancerology.

The Lucie est soigné pour un cancer booklet explains the cancer care pathway and the Monique booklet explains cancer screenings. The liaison booklet is intended for professionals in health care institutions and medico-social establishments that treat and support people with intellectual disabilities affected by cancer.


Iscao is a unique system in France consisting of two nurses who carry out awareness-raising activities and provide support to medical and social establishments.


5- 7 February 2014

Symposium 2014

10- 12 october 2018

Symposium 2018

1-31October 2021

Oncodefi National Days

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Coming soon: The Oncodefi National Days

Following the great interest in cancers in people with intellectual disabilities during the last international symposium in 2018, and a strong demand to present this

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All donations are important, big or small, and will improve the treatment of cancer in people with intellectual disabilities.

Journées nationales Oncodéfi

21-22 Octobre 2021 à Montpellier

Organisées par l’association Oncodéfi, en lien avec le Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer ICM Val d’Aurelle de Montpellier. Elles font suite au grand intérêt porté aux cancers chez les personnes déficientes intellectuelles lors du dernier symposium international en 2018.